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The walk-e modes and the technology behind them

Here you can find out everything about the walk-e modes, the technology and safety.

walke-e modes

Five innovative modes, easy assembly and a powerful battery fulfil all your wishes.


walk-e supports you in moving around with your pram and buggy in different ways:

  • Basic Mode

  • Kid Mode

  • Parent Mode

  • Double Mode

  • Sleep Mode

Basic Mode

As a drive to assist with pushing.


The walk-e modes

The Basic Mode

The Basic Mode from walk-e supports you when pushing the pram or buggy — when walking in the city, in the park or to the shops. No path is too far or too steep.

Packed with shopping and everything your child needs? No problem with walk-e.

Thanks to its powerful motors and large battery, it can cover many kilometres and metres in altitude.

The Kid Mode

Simply pull out the walk-e to the first step and walk-e supports you as usual when pushing and offers space for your child on the board.

It doesn’t get any more relaxed than this. Leisurely through the park with a fun factor for your child.

You will love the walks with three or four of you. Promised.

The Parent Mode

With walk-e’s Parent Mode, you no longer walk, you ride. Simply pull out the board, get on and ride off.

Riding leisurely through the park or the city at walking speed will attract attention.


With stepless acceleration up to max. 6 km/h and a gentle stop via the throttle, it is as safe as walking.

The Double Mode

The last step of the walk-e now offers space for two. Simply pull it out completely and you’re done. Now three of you can ride without any effort. The adult has everything in view, the child has a lot of fun and no path is too far or too steep.

No problem for the powerful motors from walk-e and the powerful battery. Many kilometres, hills and luggage don’t bother the walk-e.

The Sleep Mode

Of course, the walk-e is not only an aid for walking or driving.

In sleep mode, it gently swings your child to sleep. This leaves time for a coffee, an ice cream and a nice chat during a short break.

This makes every day much more relaxed and eventful.



walk-e was invented and developed by parents and will be built in the EU with the very highest quality and TÜV-tested when it comes onto the market in 2023.

It is simple and safe to use, easy to attach to any pram or buggy and intuitive and safe to use.

Constant quality controls and user tests are standard.


Easy to charge

walk-e is easy to charge and is 100 % ready for the day again within approx. 3 hours. Simply plug it in, even without removing it from the pram or buggy. Of course, it can also be used on the move.


Or with our innovative charging station, available as an accessory.

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